Microsoft and Yahoo. Very interesting play…

It looks like Microsoft wants to buy some search market share – They’ve offered to buy Yahoo at a 60% premium to the Friday Closing price.

Dude! When was the last time you want to the shop and said "Nah, that’s cheap at Twice the Price – here you go, here’s 45 Billion" šŸ™‚

Anyway, this will make the next 6-12 months very interesting. We’ve now got the first place getter (Google, 53%) being chased by the third place getter (Microsoft, 13%) who’s just made an offer to buy a company that holds nearly 20% (Oh yes, Yahoo also own the AltaVista, AllTheWeb and Inktomi brands and uses a hybrid search engine made up of these acquired technologies). These numbers are based on the Nielsen August numbers (the first result when I googled the words Search Engine Ranking. Microsoft have indicated that they want to finalise the deal by June and seem confident that there’ll be no arguments on their offer šŸ™‚

The offer is an unsolicited offer (read: Unfriendly takeover if Yahoo Board do not recommend shareholders go forward with the sale).

Hopefully they’ll start to strip out some of the load that is on the Yahoo site and make that damn home page a bit cleaner. I wonder how much of the "Live Search" pie is the "Default Search Engine" setting in Windows & IE? Out of the 12.9%, how many people actually go to to do their search vs those blissfully unaware their poorly typed url has just incremented the numbers for

Search engine rankings:
Nielsen –
Hitwise –

Articles discussing the takeover:


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