The HTML Calculated Field

I have been using this function a lot lately, as it’s easy to build, easy to modify and does not require SPD’s Data Form Web Part to create good looking lists. The basic premise behind it is you use a “calculated field” to construct a HTML String, then you throw a small bit of javascript on a page in a content editor web part (the js never changes from page to page, so you could lob it in a sharepoint js file too, as it does not affect anything else). This allows you to do things like apply traffic lights to any conditional test you can perform in Excel (as a calculated field has 90% of the functionality of excel formulas) or colour-code a list item based on its approval status. It’s pretty cool, and really jazzes up your user interface – for example, you can colour a monthly calendar event to represent some type of event, without chewing up valuable real-estate describing the event in the item title.

Cristophe also has some other neat features, such as a month calendar view that can be displayed on the right side of the screen without requiring a 1600×1200 display, a scrolling news item, etc. Check his site out to be inspired 🙂 He also has a blog site too –

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