Append your own messages to the Developer Dashboard in SP 2010 using Javascript

This is a great idea – if you want to quickly be able to identify where part of a solution is failing, you can use JavaScript to write to the Developer Dashboard – John Powell from Microsoft has some great info on his blog –

The code he provides (duplicated below) allows you to “write” to the Dev Dashboard in the same way us Classic ASP developers used to write comments into the page to see what was going on (response.write, anyone?)

function DeveloperDashboardSection(sectionId, sectionTitle) { 
this.Title = sectionTitle; 
this.Id = sectionId; 
DeveloperDashboardSection.prototype = { 
Id: '', 
Title: '', 
DeveloperDashboardVisible: function() { 
EnsureSection: function() { 
var section = $('#'+ this.Id); 
if(!section.length) { 
var sectionHtml = "<table id='"+ this.Id + "' width='49%'><tbody><tr><th colspan='2'>"+ this.Title + "</th></tr></tbody></table>"; 
AddEntry: function(context, message) { 
if(!this.DeveloperDashboardVisible) return; 
var entryHtml = "<tr><td nowrap='nowrap'><span>"+ context + "</span></td><td nowrap='nowrap'><span>"+ message + "</span></td></tr>"; 
$('#'+ this.Id).append(entryHtml); 

To use the script, create an instance of the DeveloperDashboardSection and use the instance throughout your code to trace custom messages to the Dashboard:

var theSection = new DeveloperDashboardSection(‘sampleId’, ‘Custom Section’);
theSection.AddEntry(‘someMethod()’, ‘The method was called’);

The messages will appear on the Developer Dashboard in it’s own section:


When the Dashboard is not visible, the tracing calls are benign.



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