Conversion tool to go from Wim 7 Install files to VHD’s in a snap: WIM2VHD

Microsoft release a lot of good tools that are hard to find. With the work I’ve been doing around Dev environment automated builds, there have been a couple of gems that I want to share. One of them lets you take the WIM files from a Windows 7 install DVD and convert them to a ready to boot VHD. More info (and download links) here: – Author Mike Kol’s blog (He calls himself the Diseased Mink) Smile


About Brad Saide

I'm a SharePoint consultant. I'm also slowly going bald, seem to have a permanent spare tyre around my waist and enjoy socialising with friends over a beer or 10. The last 2 may possibly be related. Started working with SharePoint when the first version was in limited beta release (participated in the Technology Adoption Program while at Woolworths) and have been committed to the adoption of the technology as a business enabler ever since.
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