Speeding up the people picker

For large enterprise clients, the OOTB people picker controls can be dreadfully slow at resolving user names – this is because it tries to resolve each name segment entered against first names, last names, emails and every other property in Active Directory (at least, that is what it seems like).

To restrict the matching to just the basics (first name, last name) run the following command:

stsadm.exe -o setproperty -pn peoplepicker-searchadcustomquery -pv (givenName={0})(sn={0}*) -url http://website:80

Note that this does not change the speed of the security picker, just the people picker control for list columns. If you want to change the query speed for the security picker you need to refine the OU that is searched – use setsiteuseraccountdirectorypath and peoplepicker-searchadforests

Search only within an AD OU

To limit the search to a path with AD (ie an OU) use the operation setsiteuseraccountdirectorypath

This operation is new in SP1. Once this is set for a site collection no other users can be added to the site collection that are not within that OU. Note that only one OU path can be specified per site collection. An example of this command is:-

stsadm -o setsiteuseraccountdirectorypath -path “OU=Employees,DC=Company,DC=com” –url http://server/sites/teamsite

Often administrative user accounts are in a different OU from the users for a site collection, therefore after the above operation has been applied to a site collection, the property peoplepicker-serviceaccountdirectorypathsis used to define the location of the administrator accounts. For example:-

stsadm -o setproperty -url http://server/sites/teamsite -pn peoplepicker-serviceaccountdirectorypaths -pv ” OU=MOSS-Gods,DC=Company,DC=com



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