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Quickstart user guides for SharePoint

Hi all. Lawrence from the MS MOSS team has recently posted an article linking to some content released by the MS Internal IT group designed to help MS employees quickly come to grips with basic SharePoint functionality (eg creating a … Continue reading

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Kerberos & Load-balanced web sites

Traditional restrictions around the way Kerberos works throw up a problem with setting up a load-balanced Kerberos-enabled web site. Basically, if you use port numbers to separate sites with the same DNS name on load-balanced web servers AND the sites … Continue reading

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Kerberos Authentication & Excel Services

After battling with setting this up for 3 days before it finally started to authenticate, I thought I’d add the lessons learned to the configuration processes listed here including the troubleshooting tools used. Firstly, Credits and Thanks – Without Martin … Continue reading

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Online Microsoft Hotfix request form

I wanted to capture this as it’s a really useful way to get a hotfix that’s not immediately needed but still offers some benefits – from Stefan Goßner’s blog, go here –;en;1410&WS=hotfix – fill out the form and receive … Continue reading

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The Australian Partner Conference @ Hamilton Island

Just got back from the Australian Partner Conference at Hamilton Island with the wife & kids – had a great time up there and got to meet some amazing people, like Ian Palangio (an Office Solution Specialist from MS), Robin Young … Continue reading

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Top support calls for MOSS 07 / WSS 3

Hi all. Just noticed that Joel has released a list of the top 17 support calls for the latest version of SharePoint products – well worth a look and could be an effective "List of things to check when reviewing … Continue reading

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How to change user accounts that run MOSS Services & App Pools

As part of implementing some improvements to a client’s MOSS Enterprise site that I’d recently recommended they undertake, I had to change the accounts that were being used in their environments to ones that were independent from each environment. I’ve … Continue reading

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