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SQL Aliases and SP_TRACE_CREATE errors on SharePoint 2010

When you use SQL Aliases (something that most people believe to be a good practice as it’s a locally controlled link to the database, and unlike DNS it updates instantly, and Microsoft recommend it here and you have installed … Continue reading

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The SharePoint Training Kit now supports 2010

The SharePoint Learning Kit was updated in February to support SharePoint 2010 – download the latest version here: (No “SharePoint Training” pack released yet like there was for 2007, but this is a good product to run internal eLearning … Continue reading

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SharePoint supports SQL RBS using SAN or Local disks

There’s a lot of information around Technet on what is and is not supported when looking at RBS for SQL (and SharePoint). Some of it could even be construed as contradictory… so I asked through the Partner forum what Microsoft’s … Continue reading

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Conversion tool to go from Wim 7 Install files to VHD’s in a snap: WIM2VHD

Microsoft release a lot of good tools that are hard to find. With the work I’ve been doing around Dev environment automated builds, there have been a couple of gems that I want to share. One of them lets you … Continue reading

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Automate the creation of a Development environment–A 1-click installer for Windows 7 or 2008 Svr

Microsoft have released a tool for people to use when setting up a SharePoint development environment – It installs the following tools: SharePoint Server 2010 + pre-requisites (Standalone) Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Edition Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio Expression … Continue reading

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Append your own messages to the Developer Dashboard in SP 2010 using Javascript

This is a great idea – if you want to quickly be able to identify where part of a solution is failing, you can use JavaScript to write to the Developer Dashboard – John Powell from Microsoft has some great … Continue reading

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Parallelism – Set it to 1 or increase your page load speeds by 4-5 seconds

SQL Parallelism is one of those settings that Microsoft recommend you implement. To be honest, up until this point I have always asked for it, but never really known what the impact was of not setting this property… until today. … Continue reading

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