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Got a slow SharePoint Farm? Maybe there’s some smoke in your Chimney!

I’ve been doing some work with a client lately around performance issues on their shiny new SharePoint 2010 farm – essentially we were getting poor SQL Query response times according to the SharePoint Developer Dashboard, but great response times from … Continue reading

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Error: Access Denied – SharePoint 2010

Had a tricky problem which took a little while to solve today: Some users were granted contribute permissions to a SharePoint site, but only members of the Owner group could see the site – everyone else got this message. At … Continue reading

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Damn you Auto Correct!

Here’s a funny site – number 5 (displayed below for your convenience) is hands down my favourite, but they are all pretty good.

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Error appears in Server Manager when opening up the Management tool

Just came across a SharePoint server that had a very unusual symptom – I wanted to install the AD Remote Administration tools but when opening up the Features (and the Roles as well) nothing appeared on the screen except an … Continue reading

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Publishing Feature Activated but Navigation link keeps coming up Access Denied in Site Settings – SP2010

Just hit a funny issue – I had a site we’d just done a migration on last night and I wanted to compare the settings in the Navigation between the source and the target. Every time I tried to open … Continue reading

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Windows Phone 7 not getting seen by Zune? Maybe your Security Certificate needs to be refreshed…

For the last 5 months (ever since the first update to the Windows Phone, it seems) I’ve been having problems connecting my phone to the computer I first synched it with. I’ve connected it to other computers since then, but … Continue reading

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Error when searching–exception thrown… but only when results are returned! SharePoint 2010

Had an odd problem appear just recently – was installing SharePoint Search Server Express 2010 and everything was going well… until I tested the search. I hit it the first time with some garbage text and it came back with … Continue reading

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